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An Introduction to CDMetaPOP

Tutorial Version 0.1, Last Updated 7/23/2021

Tutorial Contributors: Travis Seaborn, Erin Landguth

Version 0.1, Last updated July 15th 2021

Welcome to the CDMetaPOP tutorials home page! This website covers an introduction to running these individual-based models to answer a wide-array of landscape ecology and genetics questions. If you do not see a page/tutorial that you would like covered, please reach out.

Important Note: These tutorials should not be seen as replacements to reading the manual

Tutorial Pages:

Introductory Tutorial: Start here, which is a beginner tutorial using inputs provided in the main CDMetaPOP repository. This tutorial includes information from installing CDMetaPOP to visualizing outputs.

Input File Creation: Distance Matrix: Covers examples of calculating distance matrices from your GPS / patch locations.

Input File Creation: Patch / Environmental Data: How to take your list of points and extract values from the landscape to include in the CDMetaPOP simulation.

Above: example output. Size of circle is the number of fish in a patch. Colors of the circles represent the temperature at those patches.